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Season 2 - Here we go!

Episode Summary

Welcome to Season 2 of Lemonade Learning, a refreshing look at learning today.

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Episode Transcription

Hey there, it's Brianna, Henneke Hodges and Lainie Rowell, and this is a trailer for our podcast, Lemonade Learning, season two. Watch out! Who are we? And why might people want to listen to our show? First and foremost, we spend a lot of time in education, when we started counting things up, we've almost 40 years of experience in the trenches, you know, in the classroom, both at elementary and secondary, as well as district administration. And we know that there is so much to celebrate. And there's also a lot for us to think on and rethink and really kind of tinker with. So what should folks know about the show? Well, I think a big thing is that we're, you know, raw, unscripted. This is like documentation of our lives. And it's not just us talking. And so we do have amazing conversations with these incredible education thought leaders, I'm still in awe that we're able to get these just incredible folks to join us and we get to, you know, we get to laugh, and we learn together. So we're excited for season two, and everything that comes after it. So I think people should listen. I really do. Absolutely. I mean, I think that it's one of those things where we always talk about how important it is to process, you know, learning is best when it's done with our peers, with groups to have conversations so that we can look at it from multiple perspectives. And I think that that's our hope, right? Like that we bring in multiple perspectives of what's going on multiple, honest conversations, that really get to the heart of the matter. And with that, that means that we're going to last a whole lot like we're both you know, we we like to have a good time. Like we like to mix it up. We'd like to be positive most of the time, right? But then we also cry (and by "we"you mean me) some more than others. I mean, not to single you out not to throw you under the bus. I cry on the inside Lainie. It's okay. But when we do that, right, like and a lot of times we cry cuz we're laughing so dang hard. Like, I think that's also something to keep in mind, but through all of it, we learn we learn an awful lot. So we laugh, we cry, we learn. Anything else before we let them listen to the episodes. We want for you to join us in this conversation. Let us know how we can all come together. Let's make a lot of lemonade together. Join us! It's gonna be fun.